Operation First Response Backpacks

OFR backpacks are sent to combat support hospitals in theatre. The backpacks are given to our wounded when they arrive at the hospitals with no personal belongings. These backpacks ensure that our wounded have a little love from home to comfort them until they return to the states.

Before collecting any items for the OFR Backpacks please contact our office for a list of the needed items.
Phone: 888-289-0280
Email: info@operationfirstresponse.org

Each month members of the Fairfax Presbyterian Church in Fairfax VA, gather to pack hygiene kits for the OFR Backpacks.
A huge Thank You goes out to them for their continue support and dedication.
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Ziggy’s Quilters are the official blanket makers for OFR.
They also collect and bag the OFR Backpack items.
A huge Thank you goes out to them for their continued
support and dedication!
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