• We the People

    We the People, as the recipients of their sacrifices will never be able to repay those Warriors who have been wounded in defense of our country, but we can honor them by striving every day to provide the support these Heroes need to return to duty or transition as a proud Veteran into our communities.

    We the People
  • Operation First Response

    Operation First Response is a vehicle for a proud America. We could not serve our wounded Heroes and their families without your support. Donating to our organization ensures that our Heroes get the help they need and deserve in troubling times upon their return home.

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    Operation First Response
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    Support our Wounded Heroes and their families
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    Operation First Response
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    Combined Federal Campaign
  • 2016 Walk for the Wounded

    Media, Pennsylvania
    Saturday May 14, 2016
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    2016 Walk for the Wounded
  • Wounded Heroes Assistance

    The OFR staff, board of directors and volunteers want to thank you for your dedicated service to our country. Please know that we will do everything we can to assist you in your time of need, whether it is through financial support, referral or mentoring.

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    Wounded Heroes Assistance

I want to start by saying that Operation First Response as a team is amazing. This team operates and functions at a high level and contributes resources and time to each Veteran they serve. As an OIF Veteran myself and a VA employee who serves OEF/OIF/OND Veterans as part of the Returning Combat Vet Team they go above and beyond for the Veterans that I refer. I get Vets with all kinds of different financial issues and usually they have tried everything in their power to resolve their own issues but when their back is against the wall and they have nowhere else to turn OFR has come through to lift huge weights off these Vets backs so that they can push on with their mission. You provide more than just financial support, you provide hope that tomorrow will be a little bit easier. When Vets think that society has given up on them you show them that there are people out there that really care for their well being. More organizations should model themselves according to how Operation First Response handles their affairs. You do your job with care and enthusiasm and Vets are able to tell that you are the real deal. Keep up the great work OFR! –SSG Leigh Paz >> Click here to read more testimonials

Our Mission

Operation First Response, Inc., supports our nation’s Wounded Heroes and their families with personal and financial needs. Services are provided from the onset of injury, throughout their recovery period and along their journey from military life into the civilian world. Financial aid varies as each case is based on individual needs ranging from rent, utilities, vehicle payments, groceries, clothing, and travel expenses.

Our Cause

It is hard for us to comprehend waking up each day in a hostile country, putting our life on the line to protect people from terrorists who have no fear and no conscience about planning and conducting mass murder. It is harder still to imagine how it feels to be at the heart of a bomb explosion – or to be shot by snipers – or to be the target of a single man or woman whose mission is to be a human bomb.
Sadly, many lives are lost. But of equal importance are the lives that are changed forever in the blink of an eye by severe wounds, life changing amputations, and painful surgeries – often followed by mounting bills at home, necessary job retraining, home renovations and more. Just dealing with the emotional scars is difficult – but with your donations OFR ‘has their back’ on the home front.


As of November 01, 2014 – 522,229 Disabled Veterans have pending cases within the VA system. Of those cases 239,785 Disabled Veterans have been pending for over 125 days. These statistics alone clearly give reason for the existence of OFR, we are a bridge that will enable our Veterans to exist during the VA claim process which on average can take from six months to one year. We ask you to make a conscious decision to support those that make this country one of the greatest nations in the world by supporting the efforts of OFR. Please remember that they enlisted of their own free will to defend you and your family. This is your opportunity to put words into actions when you say that you “Support the Troops.”


Operation Enduring Freedom
October 10, 2001-January 07, 2015:
Total Fallen in – 2,352
Total Wounded in Action – 20,065
Operation Inherent Resolve
October 15, 2014-January 07, 2015
Total Fallen – 3
Total Wounded in Action – 0
Operation Iraqi Freedom
March 19, 2003-December 15, 2011:
Total Fallen – 4,474
Total Wounded in Action – 32,226

Help Corporal Paul A. Skarinka

To Donate by Cash or Check, simply send your gift to our main office:

Operation First Response
20037 Dove Hill Rd
Culpeper, VA 22701

To contact us with any questions, please call toll-free 888 289-0280 or email us at info@operationfirstresponse.org
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