Veterans Food-Bank of America (VMA) a division of the Henager Family Museum Inc., has a mission to see that our Country’s Veterans do not go hungry. This will help show them their sacrifices to our country have not gone unnoticed. Most in our country do not have the knowledge that the problem is so great and that many of these Veterans will never be able to hold a permanent job or socialize with others due to conditions that evolved from their service to our country. Also, many of these individuals will not go to local pantries due to their state of mind or pride.

The Archangels who serve military, veteran’s first responders, and their families. There are too many projects to name but here are some examples of projects the Archangels do. Fighting PTSD through fundraising and physical activity such as the Veterans Victory Run, free art clinics, and free equine therapy clinics. Supporting the homeless through food drive and movie night/dinner. Assisting with service personnel attending high quality special events such as being introduced on the court with basketball players pregame, participating in pregame and halftime events, free tickets to sporting events and family entertainment such as private facility rentals.

All Treatment

We combined the government’s national addiction treatment center database (SAMHSA) with modern location technology to help veterans find local addiction treatment.

Our Find A Veteran’s Treatment Center Near Me technology uses the location of your computer, tablet, or cell phone to generate a local listing of veteran addiction treatment centers in and around your community. is a community-based public-benefit website connecting people to the addiction resources they need. The resource is free to the public.

Therapeutic Adventures (TA) and IndependencePlus Adaptive Sports (I~AS)  provides leadership, programs and specialty therapeutic services to educate, to challenge, and to inspire people of all ages and abilities to live a healthy lifestyle through active participation in adaptive sports and adaptive outdoor recreation. TA and I~AS provide greater access and embolden people with the courage to improve their functional independence, fitness and overall quality of life.

Our Programs are categorized in two general areas: Therapeutic Adventures (TA) (adaptive outdoor adventures) and  IndependencePlus Adaptive Sports (I~AS) (recreational and competitive adaptive sports) Services are broken down into four areas:

  • Physical & Developmental Disabilities 
  • Disabled Military, Veterans, 1st Responders and their Families
  • Cancer Survivors
  • Chronic, Terminal Illnesses and Other Special Health Needs

Be kinder than necessary  — Everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

Coming Home Well is a local Charlottesville radio program that focuses on educating civilians, friends & family, about the issue that their veterans face when they come home from war.  Bluntly, we don’t come home well, and the VA and Pentagon are not the solution.  Civilians are the answer to us coming home well.  But often, civilians don’t know what to ask or how to ask it.  That’s where we step in.

We are the only program in the nation to focus on teaching civilians about our challenges.  We have approximately 10-15k live listeners on Saturday mornings at 8:00 am, and a vibrant online community who listen to our podcasts and follow us on social media.  Our host Bob Abbott is also heavily engaged with the local veteran community, heading discussion panels and hosting documentary screenings.  He is dedicated to ensuring that veterans who need help can find it within their own friend networks.  His motto is “until all are home, and all are well”.

We use hunting as the platform in the healing process of America’s Heroes. We are a 501(c)(3) recognized non-profit. We share the message of the cross and salvation by giving our testimony and making sure that each and every guest receives a Bible to take home with them. We are located south of Mitchell Nebraska on the beautiful North Platte River.

Project Compassion Soldier Fund, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit humanitarian organization, provides one original, gallery-quality 16″x20″ oil portrait of American military and law enforcement casualties who have died in active service since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Our sole mission is healing their loved ones through our gift of art.

“In 2006, Sgt. Braxton McCoy (Ret.) was severely injured by a suicide bomber in Ramadi, Iraq, and later told he may never walk again. After nearly a decade of physical therapy and rehabilitation, Sgt. McCoy has not only regained the majority of his strength, but has also found creative ways to circumvent his permanent injuries.

As a keynote speaker Braxton now travels the country covering what it takes to overcome life’s greatest challenges, as well as how to negotiate the dangers of opioids, alcohol abuse, and suicidal thoughts. Premier problems not just in the veteran community, but with our nation’s youth.”

The TowerCares Foundation’s mission is to support children in need as well as brave and heroic individuals and their families who sacrificed while protecting our freedom. Headquartered in Laurel, Maryland, TowerCares is a (510)(c)(3) nonprofit public charity and participating organization in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC#23594). TowerCares’ funding to support well-vetted charities and initiatives aligned with our mission comes from membership dues and generous donations from individuals and businesses in the community. For more information please visit their website.

Percent Pledge helps you donate a small percent of each month’s pay to Operation First Response.

Integrity’s Gift is an easy way for businesses to make a difference in the lives of local students at no extra cost. When you sign up for credit card processing through the program’s sponsor, Integrity Payment Systems, a portion of Integrity’s revenue will be donated to Operation First Response. Integrity matches your current rates, so you pay nothing extra to participate.

We exist to bring value to you immediately. With a video, a resource, a contact, a question answered, or a radio podcast, you will learn something you can apply instantly. We’ve carefully listened and responded to your needs – and will continue to do so going forward.

As a veteran or a Caregiver of a veteran or service member, your life may be altered by injury, illness, or aging. If you’re feeling isolated or alone, want or need people around you who “get it”, and you’d benefit from networking with peers and professionals, community health and recovery resources, you’ve come to the right place. Caregiver Peer Support is remarkable and valued and helping or receiving help can come at just the right time to make a difference.

With the increase in military veterans returning with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Canine Companions is launching a pilot program to directly place service dogs with veterans with PTSD. The pilot program will take place at our Northwest Training Center in Santa Rosa, CA. For the purposes of this initial pilot program, local participants will be selected. Dogs will be trained in tasks including nightmare interruption, turning on lights, retrieving items, and supporting their handler in crowded public situations that might provoke anxiety for individuals with PTSD. In the future, we hope to expand this new placement type to include first responders with PTSD.

When a veteran is first wounded, injured or ill, they go through a lengthy process of healing which is unique for every individual. We at VAU personally understand this all too well. We have found that through recreation, athletics and wellness retreats this recovery process is greatly improved. By participating in a sport or activity you have been told you may never do again – or staying at a retreat with others who are going through a similar situation – you can learn and grow from your brothers and sisters in arms. These life-changing experiences are what we at VAU are dedicated to providing for Veterans with disabilities of all wars and their family members.

Moving Options Logo

Moving Options was created to serve as a guide and resource for any types of short or long distance moves that are made. We’ve specifically created information and resources for military members and their families to better prepare them for any kind of upcoming military move. This can be especially helpful if it’s the first time that they are going through a PCS.

MagicMobility Veterans Program
We have two ways of helping applicants get much needed mobility: (1) transferring donated used vans, and (2) helping those eligible for VA funding, to raise the additional $15- 20,000 to purchase their van.

JWV Presentation:
A nationwide program, which receives donated adapted vehicles and distributes them, free of charge, to local needy individuals. They have a special emphasis on helping disabled veterans, as a small token of appreciation for their dedicated service to our country. This provides a wonderful legacy for the donor, as well as the best IRS tax deduction for a vehicle donation; since the vans are not sold,
but are instead transferred to a needy recipient.
If you know of someone who has an adapted van, for a wheelchair or scooter, to donate …or is in need of one, please visit to learn more.

Veterans Institute of Training and Technology, Inc.’s (VITT)

Veterans Institute of Training and Technology, Inc.’s (VITT) mission is to provide veterans and their dependents with premier training that will lead to marketable jobs and career opportunities as they transition from the military to the civilian workforce. VITT will provide veterans and their dependents free information technology training that is in high demand. Many of the organization’s classes will lead to marketable certifications. These certifications are important credentials and validations of knowledge and experience. Training that will be provided include CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA), CISCO Certified Network Professional (CCNP), Microsoft Back Office, and Human Resource Management Course. In addition, VITT will provide education to familiarize veterans and their families with the federal employment hiring and application process.

iron warriors logo

The mission of Iron Warrior Foundation is to provide support to U.S. military veterans affected by the emotional and physical trauma suffered during active-duty. Keystone Iron Warriors is a 501 (C) (3) Tax Exempt Organization under the Internal Revenue Service. Our goal is to empower these veterans and their families, strengthen their quality-of-life, and educate the community about veterans who have been impacted by post-military service. The main focus of Iron Warriors, Inc. is to assist those veterans that suffer from debilitating injuries like amputations, burns, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Iron Warrior Foundation recognizes the need for an assistance service dog program. For a veteran with a serious limb injury, amputation, or traumatic brain injury, a service dog can provide the stability and support they need to climb up and down stairs or get in and out of a chair, and offer piece of mind while they cope with their injuries suffered in combat. Through a local certified service K9 trainer, Iron Warrior Foundation hosts multiple fundraisers to provide a qualified Pennsylvania veteran a certified service companion. With the assistance of a service K9 dog, wounded veterans can lead more independent lives. These dogs can help reduce or eliminate their partners’ reliance on assistance appliances, and can enhance their ability to move about in public places by performing daily routines they may not otherwise have been able to achieve without out the help of another individual.

operation family caregiver logo

Operation Family Caregiver (OFC) is a free and confidential program for adult family members or friends caring for a military service member or post-9/11 veteran with visible or invisible (post-traumatic stress or traumatic brain) injuries or adjustment concerns. One of our coaches meets 1:1 with the same caregiver in a place of the caregiver’s choosing (including via Skype and/or phone when not near us or that’s what a caregiver prefers). The program is evidence-based with statistically significant improvements of caregiver depression and health status, as well as reduction of children’s anxiety. Our coach meets with the caregiver four times over 4 – 6 months to support positive solutions to problems the caregiver identifies. In between each meeting a phone calls is made to the caregiver. The emphasis is on the FOCUS acronym, which expands to: Facts, Optimism, Creativity, Understanding, and Solve. OFC is not psychotherapy, though coaches may help clients identify concerns they can share with their therapists.

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We believe our service members are the backbone to this country and we are here to support them! Surplus Nation has over 5,000 different products in stock & ready to ship for all your military apparel, survival & camping needs! Free Shipping over $99!

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We believe our service members are the backbone to this country and we are here to support them! Tactical 365 is your Law Enforcement, Security & Tactical Gear Supplier! Low Prices and Free Shipping over $99!

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Every child possesses unique talents. Our mission is to help each child discover and develop these talents along with the child’s self-esteem. By providing praise, encouragement, guidance and superior academic instruction, our program will result in the child becoming a more confident, responsible and productive adult in society.

Our mission is to provide support to the families of those wounded, injured or killed during combat operations. Our focus is resort/retreats and caregiver respite programs.

Cape Cod Veterans Inc ( 501C3 Nonprofit ) and their supporters are helping their fellow veterans , families of veterans and their community. Never forgetting the sacrifice of all our fellow veterans, past and present. is one of the most comprehensive online directories of resources and information for military and veterans. Two major areas of focus are veteran jobs and veteran education. This site has something for everyone! Military Connection works hard and uses their significant reach to help non-profits and associations serving the military and veteran communities. When the next tour is back home, it’s on, the “Go To Site”.

Comes A Soldier's Whisper

Comes A Soldier’s Whisper is a collection of wartime letters written by a decorated 101st Airborne paratrooper with reflection and hope for the future in a book that recognizes the impact that all returning soldiers have on our lives, past, present and future.

“We are grateful to Operation First Response for their interest in our project. A portion of profits will be contributed to OFR to assist in the continuing of their important and valuable work with America’s veterans.” God bless and support our troops!