Assistance Request for Service Members
OFR assists wounded, injured and critically ill Service Members and Disabled Veterans from all branches.

If you are a Case Worker, Veterans Administration Representative or Chain of Command contacting OFR for assistance please click the “Request Assistance Application” button below.

Due to high volume of cases and limited funds all applications will be reviewed and determination of assistance depending on available funds at the time of the request will be made.


Phone: 888-289-0280
Fax: 888-505-2795
Email Us: Click Here

Information to Begin Assistance Process


We can only accept cases submitted by Case Workers, Veterans Administration Representatives and Chains of Command.

Due to limited funds and a high volume of incoming applications we have implemented a new application process.

Services are subject to available funds at the time of the request.

Services are available to Active Duty Service Members that have been wounded, injured or are critically ill.

Services are available to Disabled Veterans with an awarded disability rating of 50% or higher within the Veterans Administration.

Services are available to Service Members and Disabled Veterans attending an in-patient PTSD Treatment Program or a PTSD medical procedure.

All applications will be thoroughly verified, if a discrepancy arises during the application process additional documentation may be requested or the application may be denied.

Please email us at

Please include full name of the Service Member or Disabled Veteran, current address, date of birth and the last four of their SS# along with a short description of their emergency needs.

Please include your contact phone number.

Please let us know if they are post 9-11 or pre 9-11. We serve all conflicts, all branches nationwide however if we are unable to serve them at the time of this request it helps us to know this information so that we can offer resources that may be able to assist.

Please monitor your email and if you have not received a response from us please check your spam mail. We always respond.

The Operation First Response Team

Supporting documents that will be needed during the application process:

  • DD-214 
  • VA Award Letter
  • VA or Picture ID
  • LES (if still in active duty)
  • Proof of Injury (if still active duty)
  • OFR pays the vendors directly whenever possible so copies of any bills that are part of the service request must be faxed or emailed to our office.