Assistance Request for Service Members, Disabled Veterans and First Responders

OFR assists wounded, injured and critically ill Service Members, Disabled Veterans and First Responders.


Please ensure that all requested information is filled out fully and completely, be as specific as possible.

Any request form received that has not followed all instructions will be automatically denied via email. 

Any altered or falsified documentation is considered a felony.

The hardship cannot be caused by mismanagement of finances.

Meeting our requirements does not guarantee assistance from Operation First Response.

Operation First Response does NOT provide assistance for the following:

  • Credit Cards

  • Taxes 

  • Child Support

  • Hotel Expenses

  • Title Loans

  • Personal Loans

  • Home Repairs



We are too small to be able to assist every family that contacts us, we are so sorry! However, we work diligently each day to increase our funding which will allow us to serve more Veterans and First Responders in need.


We ask the questions in the request form to see if you qualify or have been assisted by us in the past, as we are not able to revisit any cases at this time.


We are also checking to see if we are able to assist or partially assist with your need and if not this information will help us to know what resources we should give to you.


The request form is not our application. If your request aligns with our requirements and our available funding, you will be guided to our application which is held within an encrypted portal.

We are currently on hold, NOT CLOSED, due to a surge in incoming cases. With a small team and limited resources, it is difficult to keep up with the significant rise in needs we have seen recently. Our focus is on addressing the existing backlog of cases before we can begin accepting new applications. After clearing the current backlog of cases, we will resume our application process.

Thank you for your understanding. The Operation First Response Team

Active Duty Service Members and Disabled Veterans Please Click Here


  • When a requestor has been or is being disrespectful to our staff.
  • When a requestor is openly showing signs of being intoxicated and is causing unnecessary disturbances with our staff.
  • (Remember that intoxication can result from the use of drugs and/or alcohol)
  • When the requestor is yelling, screaming or using foul language while working with our staff.