Project Specialized Training

Operation First Response has partnered with Veterans Institute of Training and Technology Inc (VITT) to provide the following certification training:


Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Routing and Switching

VITT’s CCNA Certification training provides a premium opportunity to acquire the skills needed for a wide range of employment opportunities. Cisco Certified instructor-led CCNA classes allow students to obtain a working knowledge of Cisco technology, enabling them to successfully design, build and maintain business networks and networking hardware. Cisco certifications are widely recognized and accepted in the industry and pave the way to undertake more advanced Cisco training in the future. The course will be held online, so each student would need a laptop or desktop with a camera. The class is completely free to our active-duty Warriors, Disabled Veterans, First Responders and their Caregivers. The Instructors are prior military and a great group of Patriots.

Operation First Response will provide the training books and after the course is completed the students would be given the information to take the certification exam which is $300. Those students wishing to take the exam can submit the receipt for the completed exam to Operation First Response and we would reimburse them for the exam cost. There would be no cost at all to our Heroes.

CompTIA Security Plus Course is now being offered.

All aspects of this course will be the same as the CCNA course. The course consists of the same instructors and there is no cost to the students.

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