Operation First Response,

Hello from Iraq!

My name is Jamie Sclater, a resident of Faifax, VA and a hospital Corpsman for the US Navy serving in the Haditha Tri-Ad in Iraq.

I was recently “Air-lifted” to an Army hospital after becoming extremely ill while on mission with my sniper team a few days ago. I arrived at the hospital with a watch on my wrist and my boxers which were quickly cut off… so I had nothing with me. After some treatment and regaining the ability to move on my own I was handed a backpack full of essentials (specifically for patients like myself who arrive with nothing). I cab not even begin to explain how helpful the bag and its contents have been for my recovery. The hygiene bag alone has been wonderful, but the bag (backpack) and the quilt inside have helped with the long process of returning to my sniper team go my much easier!

Anyway – it was amazing to see the support from back home while spending some time recovering in the rear – it’s not often the boys on the front lines get to see that support – but I will be sure to pass it onto my guys when I see them again.

Thanks again and God Bless!


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