Operation First Response is a direct service charity. As such, we give back over 95% of the monies we raise directly to those military families who need our assistance. Since our inception in 2004, Operation First Response has raised over $10 Million Dollars and served over 18,000 wounded Heroes and their families.

OFR uses a variety of venues to raise funds and bring awareness of how we serve our wounded Heroes and their families. There are dozens of these events, held in many states. Unfortunately, the number of brave men and women who need our help grows every year. And every year, we fall short of having the funds to serve those families in need of our assistance.  To us, this is heartbreaking.

YOU CAN HELP! Introducing: OFRVETS.Adbarkit.com. A 24/7 fundraiser where you can help OFR and their mission by watching videos, taking surveys, referring others and getting cash back for shopping online.

Easy Steps to get started:

  1. Go to OFRVETS.Adbarkit.com
  2. Click the box on the top that says VIP $29.99
  3. Fill out the profile questionnaire. Complete all fields. (Note: SS# field is needed because the program is designed to generate income and anything over $600/year is taxable income.)
  4. Create your own Adbarkit site name to use when your refer other people
  5. Use a cell number so you can get your sign on link from Adbarkit
  6. You will receive a Welcome text when completed with your sign on name.
  7. You will receive a certificate to redeem a $25 Resturant.com gift card.
  8. Start watching videos, take surveys to collect more points (bones) daily
  9. Refer your site to family and friends to benefit OFR.
    Note: OFR will receive a $10 Bonus when You sign up as a VIP and You will receive $5 for everyone you refer to your Adbarkit site.

The more you share OFRVETS.Adbarkit.com, the more you help OFR.