The Ugly Beast Called “PTSD”

Maybe if he stays awake

there won’t be nightmares tonight

but exhaustion takes its weary toll

and he drifts off into the night…

It quietly takes hold of him

embraces him in fear

his wife wakes with a startle

she knows PTSD is near…

It lurks within the shadows

never giving any care

it lives within his memories

its absence  always rare

The only thing it leaves

is devastation in its wake

it breaks and twists his mind

its goal – his soul to take

GET UP brave noble Hero!

Look this beast straight in the eyes!

it is ugly and its terrifying

but you are STRONG and you are WISE!

Don’t let this beast take hold of you!

your life is far from being done!

if you let it grasp your heart and soul

the enemy has won!

Rise up and look around you

your family and friends are there!

they love you and they need you

they respect you and they CARE!

God bless you precious Warrior

I pray he takes away your pain

just know that all your suffering

will NEVER be in vain!

I pray this monster called PTSD

will melt and disappear

take with it all those flashbacks

the nightmares and the fear!

But I know that’s not reality

most likely it’ll slink back in…

and if it does remember

fight with all your might to WIN!

God Bless our Heroes who continue fighting this war called “PTSD”

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