Wounded Warrior walks 10 miles in honor of 10th Anniversary of 911

By September 12, 2011Inspirational, Uncategorized

On Sunday September 11 2011, Wounded Warrior SSGT Ian Newland put on his ACU’s, laced up his combat boots, grabbed his American Flag and started out on a 10 mile “Memory March” in honor of those killed on 911, and his fallen brothers that were KIA in Iraq.

On December 4th 2006, SSGT Newland was severely wounded when the enemy threw a grenade into his Humvee. 19 year old Spc. Ross McGinnis saw where the grenade landed and quickly responded by covering the grenade with his own body absorbing the blast. His heroic actions saved the lives of 4 other soldiers that day and earned him The Congressional Medal of Honor.

Despite his shrapnel filled legs, SSGT Newland took to the Colorado Highway and started off on his 10 mile symbolic journey to honor the fallen. With plenty of time to reflect upon that fateful day that changed so many lives forever, SSGT Newland had this to say: “I am not proud of “what” I did today but “why”. I walked in pain for all of the wives and children who have been seperated from the results of 9/11 and all of those that will in the future. As well as all the men and women who came home so different! Its our families that keep us strong and hurt with us. May God bless all of the military families and all the families who have been hurt since that day 10 years ago!”

SSGT Newland – we are so proud of you and everything you have sacrificed throughout the years! We thank God for men like you who have fought and defended our country in the name of “FREEDOM”. God Bless our Heroes and God Bless America!

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