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Zac Charles Music: Singer, Songwriter, Soldier
Currently, Zac Charles is deployed in Afghanistan as a Combat Medic with the 1-6 Field Artillery Battalion. While he has always had a passion and gift for music, he has found a renewed spirit in helping fellow soldiers and their families through music.
While overseas Zac co-wrote a song with a fellow soldier, John Edwards; John sent the song to his wife and she was so moved by his music that she created a Facebook page dedicated to fulfilling Zac’s dream of singing “Until I Get Home” live on Good Morning America.
“The idea of giving an extra boost to Zac’s music career while serving his country…prompted me the great idea to create an event & Fan Page for him. I thought it would be a great idea to gain as many fans to “Like” his Fan page.”
–Jaimee Edwards, PR
Soon after the Facebook page, Support US Army Medic Zac Charles, was launched his fan base sky rocketed to the thousands and his YouTube hits tripled. His number one hit “Until I Get Home” has touched the lives of soldiers, families, and veterans; as it speaks to the struggles within a soldier’s heart of missing family and completely their duty. Watching videos of the songs Zac writes/sings show a glimpse of what our soldier’s do, to keep their spirits up over there when times are tough, and when they’re missing home.
Zac has now started to expand his reach, but he can’t do it alone; many people have rallied behind him: Graffiti of War, We Do It Military Style, Mistressto TheMilitary, Miss Your Voice, Military Honey’s Stay Strong, and Soldiers Angels are some of the organizations already supporting him; however we need you.
We need your support, skills, expertise, and passion to get Zac Charles and his music to the public, seen on GMA, or help him receive a recording contract.
We appreciate you for supporting those that protect us, and their families. Please contact Jaimee concerning sponsorships, advertisements, and information. YouTube Zac Charles Music
Support US Army Medic Zac Charles Download-Reverbnation

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