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By September 28, 2018Fundraisers

Are you against protests during the National Anthem?  I have a passion about the United States, Old Glory and the National Anthem.  Let’s unite as a Country, stand for the Flag while rallying behind our Anthem, showing our disapproval for any protests during the National Anthem.

Hello, my name is Philip Keever.  My background consists of serving 22 years in the military, 10 years in the enlisted community and 12 as a Naval Aviator in the world’s greatest NAVY.  Having attended many sporting events and observed players kneeling during the National Anthem, the feelings I have are a mixture of anger, disgust and helplessness.  This blatant disrespect causes me to ask, what can I do to restore the respect for the flag I have spent the best part of my life defending?  Many have recommended boycotting professional sports.  Personally, I disagree.  We all love our sports, enjoy rooting for our favorite team and enjoy the competition of the game. We should not be punished for the small percentage of people that have decided to make a scene. There has to be another way for us to be heard!

So, I put my mind to the grindstone and came up with this, upon completion of the National Anthem, continue standing while waving the red rally towel, symbolizing the blood that was shed by Americans for our great Nation, for an additional 50 seconds, one second for every state that has had service members make the ultimate sacrifice for this great Nation. Let’s stand and yell as loud as possible, chanting USA, yelling and screaming, just be LOUD! Let’s release the frustration from the disrespect and politics that have invaded our sports.  Be the voice of the Flag, let everyone in the stadium, be it locally or nationally, know something is up and it’s big.  This is our protest, the average American fighting back!

A percentage of the profits made from the Rally Towel will be donated to Operation First Response, a non-profit organization that contributes money to alleviate the financial difficulties facing a wounded Hero’s family.

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